• SCHWING fluidized beds

    SCHWING Technologies produce fluidized beds for thermal cleaning of metal tool from polymers and other organic contamination, heat treatment equipment, thermal calibration and fluidized bed thermal technique.

  • SpinTrak

    Aspex Incorporated produce fully automatic inspection microscope SpinTrak for inspection of capillaries in spinnerets – unique technic for manmade fiber and nonwoven material producers.

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  • SCHWING VacuClean

    In market most ecological vacuum pyrolysis ovens VacuClean are made for gentle cleaning of tools from polymers. Cleaning of blown film die heads, filters, candle filter bundles, long extrusion screws – more and more applications where VacuClean make perfect and safe cleaning.

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  • Industrial blades from Mozart AG

    Solingen, Germany is homeland for best industrial blades in the world! Mozart AG – art of industrial blades with different shapes and different applications.

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    Company ELEKTRA produce “do it yourself” type floor heating mat sets with programmable thermostats. EKOMAT – combination of quality and simplicity for warm floor at your home.

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  • ELEKTRA heating cables

    Self-regulating and resistive heating cables for heating, ice-protection, anti-frost applications from company Elektra.

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Below you can choose to view products by their manufacturers: SCHWING Technologies, Aspex Incorporated, Mozart AG, Elektra Sp.j.



With over 40 years experience in SCHWING is now a leading design engineer, manufacturer and operator of high-temperature systems for thermal cleaning of tools in plastic and fiber industry.

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Aspex Incorporated

Aspex Incorporated designs, develops and manufactures high performance image processing systems SpinTrak TM for automatic inspection of capillaries in spinnerets and non-woven dies.

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Mozart AG

Mozart AG

Mozart AG is German producer of technical blades and industrial blades for different industries and aplications!

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ELEKTRA specializes in electric heating systems for both residential and commercial buildings. Established in 1985, the company is currently the largest and most reputable producer of floor heating systems in Central Europe.

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